Neaz ur Rahman

Mentor. Writer. Designer

President, Neaz Organization

Chairman, Design Academy Bangladesh

Author- Fashion Theory, Mujib Coat, Block Print- The Ancient Art, Origin of Bengali Clothing.

Head Designer, Fabricaa & OSTA.

Chairman’s Message

You are the future, and the path many creative industries follow in the future will depend upon you. You have the power and opportunity to explore new ways to ameliorate life on earth by deploying resources. I believe all you need is a little imagination and the willingness to work hard at converting your imagination into success. Your background is immaterial. 

Design Academy Bangladesh, offers Professional Diploma in fashion design, Interior design, Merchandising, Fine Arts, Fashion Graphic design, etc studies which is a dynamic and creative subject, surrounding the full spectrum of specialist skills needed to design work in the creative industry both nationally and internationally.

We perceived DAB role as a centre of academic excellence and I am greatly delighted to announce that we are already on our path with an integrative approach to design based education and business to meet national and international standards. With the growing status and reputation of the academy, we are looking for the future with distinct presence in the field of higher education. The professional education with commitment towards social responsibility will definitely keep us to meet all future challenges and demands.

I am delighting to be heading an academy which has such great potential in terms of creativity, research development & consultancy in design based technology sector both at the national and international level. I am sure your experience at DAB will be enriching & meaningful and our strong brand image will ensure looking forward to welcome you to the Academy.
Best wishes,

I have a dream “Design in Bangladesh” & I work on it.